Accredited Financial Services™

Founded in 1994 as Internet Company and incorporated on May 2, 2005 in Nevada as Luxury Home Buyers, LLC, the company is now known as Accredited Financial Services with the DBA name of Accredited Security. Starting in 1994, it has sold law enforcement TASER® products over the the Internet ever since, and does business under several different trademarks including the following.

Accredited Security™

Accredited Safety™

Accredited Sales™


Mister Stungun™

Electronic Weapon™

Electronic Weaponry™

Stungun Weapons™

Solid Reputation

Accredited has been a Member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau since 2006.

Accredited Security
6017 Pine Ridge Rd Ste 73
Naples, Florida 34119-3956
(702) 617-3300 (800) 352-5294

Accredited Financial Services
8635 W Sahara Avenue # 614
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

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Accredited Security™ is a Division of Accredited Financial Services, a Nevada Corporation. Accredited Financial Services has been a Member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau since 2006. Accredited Security does not offer a warranty* on TASER CEWs through Axon, nor is warranty* on a purchased and refurbished*** TASER CEW offered or honored by Axon. TASER® is a registered trademark of Axon Enterprise, Inc. Accredited Security is not affiliated with Axon, and Axon does not sponsor or endorse Accredited Security or any of its products or services. Any use of the TASER® mark is for identification purposes only. *Axon does not offer or honor any warranty* on used TASER® energy weapons purchased through Accredited Security. **Axon has discontinued the X26 energy weapon and does not offer a firmware update beyond 2014. ***An energy weapon's internal electronics are sonically sealed by the manufacturer and cannot be refurbished***. Because these components wear out over time, which may increase the risk of failure in the field, Axon does not recommend use beyond their 5-year useful life. Accredited Security™ and Accredited Financial Services™ are Trademarks of Accredited Financial Services, LLC..